For sports anglers around the world Alaska enjoys the reputation as the paradise on earth. This is the place where fish can weigh even more than the angler. Its no coincidence that fisherman from each corner of the world are inspired by every river and delta that Alaska provides. Most Alaskans own boats in order to fish on the rivers and deltas.

The two Lodges are equipped with a complete fleet of boats. Every guest has the choice to fish at will or to have one of our experienced guides accompany them. Any guest who likes to try their own luck, can take a boat and search for their trophy fish in the most productive fishing grounds the Yentna River and its tributaries have to offer. However, if anglers want to try back trolling or bank fishing, then one of our experienced guides is necessary. The best area for fishing is upriver at the banks of the Lake Creek. You will only get there with the help of the jet-propelled boats and Guides. Our experienced guides will show our guests the most productive areas and instruct the experienced or untrained anglers alike. The guides possess all the tricks necessary to fish for salmon and they also take pleasure in sharing their many years of experience with the guests so that the anglers have the most chances to land a tremendous amount of Salmon.

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Forks is the Olympic Peninsula Headquarters for Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout fishing. Several great rivers are available for boat fishing and bank fishing, including the Quillayutte, Sol Duc, Bogachiel, Calawah, Hoh and Salmon Rivers. The Olympic Peninsula's river offer something for every angler. Enjoy tidewater spinner fishing for fall Chinook and Silver Salmon, or try drift fishing and some of the best flyfishing for all Salmon and Steelhead. King, Chinook and Coho Silvers are at their peak during September, October and November. It is not uncommon to catch King's in the 50+ pound range.

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King Salmon
The King Salmon also known as the Chinook, begins it's run by the end of May or early June. The largest of the salmon species, it reaches sexual maturity after 5 to 7 years of traveling the oceans, then returns to the Alaskan river of it's birth to spawn and eventually die. The largest King Salmon caught on record, weighed in at 124 lb.. The Males compete for spawning cavities that they create in the gravel with their mighty tails. They then swim around the female that had laid her eggs into the cavity and fertilizes them. The eggs, living in water rich nutrients and oxygen, develop into smolts within 3 months.

Red Salmon
The Red Salmon or Sockeye arrives after the King Salmon in late June. They reach up to 30 inches long and weigh up to 12 albs. During their first days in fresh water they are a beautiful silvery color, then shortly before spawning they change color in a spectacular way. The body becomes shiny red and the head turns brilliant green, the mail develops a large hooked spawning nose and giant teeth.

Silver Salmon
The silver salmon, also called Coho, arrives mid July. He can weigh as much as 16 lb. and is a tenacious fighter. This species of salmon ascends to the Alaskan river to spawn in their forth year after being out to sea. Experts extract the coveted "Coho-Oil" which is the lightest unsaturated oil and believer to heal vascular diseases. Native Alaskans that have enjoyed the Coho as a primary source of nourishment statistically have reduced heart and vascular problems.

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Salmon, Steelhead
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  Sockeye, Pink, Chum, Silver
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  Sockeye, Pink, Chum, Silver
And King Salmon Fishing

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